Monday, July 24, 2006

No CGMS training until August!

I love the summer, and summer vacations, I just wish sometimes that the stars would align and I could get my DEXCOM STS training sooner. I just found out that the DEXCOM rep is on vacation, my CDE is going on vacation, and I am too.

Unfortunately, that means no training until Mid-August at the earliest! I guess I can wait a few more weeks since I've waited this long for the CGMS.

Lately I've been trying to minimize my HYPO episodes at my endo's prompting. Many times I can recognize the lows coming on, but there are times when my BGs drop so rapidly and I am otherwise distracted, that I don't even notice them until I'm already way too low. I'm looking to the CGMS to help me prevent those unexpected HYPO episodes. I've started to make more basal adjustments so that my BGs are higher than they were before. My endo has suggested that Symiln is something that we could add to my regimen to help reduce the elevated BGs, as long as I can reduce the frequency of lows. I'm considering it, although it means shots again- shots are no big deal for me, and the side effect of weight loss induced by Similin isn't such a bad thing. We'll see ...

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