Saturday, March 03, 2007

Blogging on hold ...

Dex has been good to me lately, I've been managed to get on average 3 weeks out of a 3-day sensor. Not much else to report, other than my family, community, and work committments, not to mention recreation, are pushing blogging off to the side for now. I'll probably be only posting sporadically, until a new CGM is released.

I'm anxiously awaiting the Abbott Navigator, or the DexCom STS-7. I have not decided whether to stay with Dex, or to go with the Navigator when (I know it's always next month yada yada yada) it's released. Cost will be a big factor. All CGM costs for me are currently out of pocket; and that's the way it's going to be for some time.

If you are a CGM user, whether it's DexCom or MedTronic, or you're a diabetic interested in CGM, you might want to check out a discussion group on yahoo that I co-moderate with the leader of my Insulin Pump Support group:

Farewell until Dex or Abbott release their new products.




Rick Stockton said...

an AVERAGE of 3 weeks?

That's better than even I get. YAY!

Island in the Net said...

Where can I get more informaiton on continuous glucose monitoring systems?

Bernard said...


What are your thoughts on the Animas? I'm thinking of this as a replacement for my Minimed 512.