Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dexcom catches a low! DAY 2

The Dexcom has been tracking well in the normal ranges, but near the extremes it was off at least 40 points. To get better tracking during the critical overnight period, I re-calibrated the Dexcom with a few more fingersticks during the 12 hour period, instead of the two that Dexcom suggests. The results overnight were excellent:

Dexcom tracked my ultra within a few points during the overnight and morning period, and as a bonus, it woke me up during the evening with a low that could have gone even lower. I ignored the first alarm at 80, but not the second alarm at 56. I didn't feel low, but as a precaution, I checked with my Ultra, which read 59. This would be very valuable to someone like myself that has some hypo unawareness in the evenings. I treated the low, returned to bed, excited to see what the Dexcom would tell me during the day. I'll save that for tomorrow.

Here's an example of the Dexcom 3 hour trend screen. There's also a one hour and a nine hour screen.

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