Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dex Software Has Arrived!

DexCom delivered the software via priority overnight yesterday. I installed it last night, uploaded my data (the last 7 days are supported), and played around with it a little.

I'm thinking I'm going to get some valuable data out of this software, although the GUI (Graphical User Interface), looks outdated; but hey, I had to complain about something. I emailed the patient files to work, and I'll see if I can open them with the DexCom software installed at work. Would be nice if I could email the data to my doc, but of course Harvard Vanguard has this nifty little system for email that does not allow for attachments. I'm sure the I.T. police are responsible for that one, wouldn't want to allow some sneaky virus to get in there and shut down their system. I'll just do it the old fashioned way, print out the reports and then FAX them in. I'm sure my endo will be delighted to receive them. I'll probably mark up the data to explain what a 'shower spike' is, amongst other things.

I plan to post some screen shots here in the future, but first, more playing around with the software. It looks exactly like the software that my DexCom rep had, as it allows multiple patient entries, similarly to other meter software packages. It seems as if all of the diabetes software packages have these quirky looking somewhat outdated GUIs, but I'd rather have the data than some slick GUI where the most important simple features don't seem to work (a.k.a. Microsoft).

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