Saturday, September 02, 2006

Overnight Basal Testing Made Easier

I've always had a tough time with the overnight basal test. Fasting and then waking up at various times during the night to test my BGs were definitely some of my least favorite things to do.

So, enter the Dexcom, with the promise of NOT having to disturb a good nights rest for several nights. I mean, getting the overnight basal rate down correctly one night is a challenge, and then they want you to do it AGAIN.

I've rarely been successfuly at it, and never knew what really happened with my BGs overnight.

After visiting my endo on Wednesday, she suggested a small change per the standard recommendation of reducing my overnight rate by 0.1 u/h starting at 9 pm, in order to avoid the lows that Dex had caught for a couple of nights. I did just that, and had mostly flat BG curve in the evening, awaking with a 150, which was still within the 30 point spread outlined in Pumping Insulin (4th Ed.).

Now I'll try to confirm it with another test, that is if I can avoid that tempting late night snack ;>

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