Friday, September 15, 2006

How much are annual out-of-pocket costs for CGMS?

How much does it cost me for annual out-of-pocket expenses for CGMS? Here is what I estimate CGMS will cost me in the next year, provided I can get 7 days out of one sensor. Note that the figures vary by individual; some folks don't use shower covers, and some may get more or less wear-time on a sensor. Question for the insurance companies: How much does it cost for an ER hospital visit to treat one episode of extreme hypoglycemia? $5000, $10,000? Do the math: CGMS pays for itself if only ONE ER visit is eliminated.

ItemAnnual Cost
DexCom STS Receiver$550
DexCom Transmitter, 2/yr$500
Sensors, 1/wk$1976
Shower Covers, 1/day$225
Total Annual Costs$3001

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