Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sensor Site After 10 Days, and a New, Flaky Sensor

Ok, so I was somewhat concerned about leaving the sensor in the site for 10 days, given that you're only supposed to do it for 3, and a trial is underway to get FDA approval for 7, but I tried it anyway, risk taker that I am. I will probably end up using them for 7 - 10 days, but no longer. I know some others that are using the same sensor past 10 days, but I'm not going that far.

Anyway, the site looked beautiful: no irritation, only a very slight, almost undetectable, faint hint of redness. The puncture site was almost invisible: except for the tape residue, I would not have known that a sensor was ever there. Looked a lot better than some of my infusion sites after 3 days. I put some Aquaphor over the area to moisturize the skin, inserted a new sensor, and am on my way, probably 7 days this time, although I've had a couple of sensors stop working after 2 days.

Another tip about starting a new sensor session: start it in the MORNING, not the evening, so you can deal with the inaccuracies while you're awake, and not trying to sleep. The new sensor was flaky for a few hours, and woke me up with 2 low alarms, whereas the ultra read 101, and 105.

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