Wednesday, September 06, 2006 - CU finds genetic clues to children's diabetes risk

So it looks like what we families with type 1 diabetes have long suspected is true: There is a genetic link, gene x, that increases the likelihood of a person developing type 1 diabetes. With the strong type 1 history of family (my sister, and I have it, my dad had it but is now deceased) it really makes me think about getting my own 3 children tested. The dilemma is, even if they have the gene marker and have an 80% chance of developing type 1, there is no way to prevent it. There is work underway to develop a vaccine, but until that time, the question is whether or not to do gene/antibody testing on my children. I'm already keeping a close eye on them to look for signs; I was 39 when I developed type 1, and my father and sister both developed it at 19. I'm praying for a vaccine soon, as type 1 could develop in my children anytime. - CU finds genetic clues to children's diabetes risk: "CU finds genetic clues to children's diabetes risk

By Karen Augé
Denver Post Staff Writer

University of Colorado researchers have discovered new genetic markers to identify children at high risk of developing diabetes.
In a 13-year study, following 30,000 newborn babies, researchers at the Barbara Davis Center for Juvenile Diabetes found genetic differences that increase three to four times the chances that a child will develop Type 1 diabetes, in which the body cannot produce insulin.
The researchers did not identify the exact gene - which they are calling gene X. "

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