Sunday, September 10, 2006

How often do you do a fingerstick test when you're on the DexCom?

I see this question occasionally. Since it's only my 3rd week on the sytstem, I find that I am testing more frequently than before I went on CGMS, because (1) I make mistakes, and (2) I also need to get more comfortable with Continuous Glucose Monitoring- sometimes the DexCom can be off up to 40 points from the fingerstick test (I've had successive fingersticks off 40 points from eachother, too, on different hands, go figure that one out), so you MUST do a confirmatory test before you make treatment decisions. CGMS does not replace fingerstick tests, although I have read about some users that are doing this. I do not get that comfort level from CGMS. Here is a sample of my fingerstick frequency over the last 10 days. I'm hoping to cut this figure in half after a couple of months or so:

DATENumber of Fingersticks
Thursday, August 3115
Friday, September 110
Saturday, September 213
Sunday, September 314
Monday, September 416
Tuesday, September 513
Wednesday, September 612
Thursday, September 713
Friday, September 817
Saturday, September 917

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