Sunday, September 17, 2006

Update on fingerstick frequency: Less sticks!

I'm doing less fingersticks now that I'm becoming more comfortable with CGMS. I don't think I'm going to go below 8 sticks a day, assuming this would be a typical day. I would add a couple on top of this for additional calibration requirements and other variables:

Stick 1: calibration in the morning/Pre-Prandial prior to breakfast
Stick 2: Post-Prandial Breakfast
Stick 3: Pre-Prandial Lunch
Stick 4: Post-Prandial Lunch
Stick 5: Pre-Prandial Dinner
Stick 7: Post-Prandial Dinner
Stick 8: Bed Time BG

This is my fingerstick frequency over the last few days, averaging to a little more than 8 per day:

DATENumber of Fingersticks
Tuesday, September 128
Wednesday, September 137
Thursday, September 1411
Friday, September 1511
Saturday, September 166

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