Friday, September 22, 2006

Get More Life Out of a DexCom Shower Cover, and Yet Another Use for Saran Wrap

Thanks to the tip from a fellow CGMS user:  she suggested that I try wearing a DexCom shower cover for 3 days, instead of just one day. Two days worked for her, but my friend noted that since I'm a male, I will probably spend less time in the shower , so 3 days might just work.

So ..., the results are in, drumroll please... Yes I was able to get 3 showers out of one cover, so now my shower cover costs are reduced from 60 cents a shower to 20 cents a shower , or if I take one shower a day, just six dollars a month. A small price to pay for not getting the Sensor wet so I can get good readings after a shower.

Thanks for the tip: Any CGMS users out there with money-saving tips, please send them my way.

By the way, my friend is going to try that wonderful product with 10,000 uses... Saran Wrap!

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Bernard said...


I tried Glad Press n' Seal and it worked for me. See my Dexcom blog post. I think I'll keep the shower covers for when I go swimming.