Thursday, September 28, 2006

How long do YOUR DexCom batteries last?

Okay, I've got to get over this obsession with looking at the DexCom receiver all of the time. It's either the constant looking at the receiver that's draining the batteries, or my receiver batteries just doesn't hold a charge. My DexCom rep told me initially that her batteries lasted five days between charges, but my batteries seem to last a paltry day-and-a-half, MAX. Seems like I'm charging it too much. Maybe I should take it off of belt clip and just hide it in my pocket, that way I'll be less tempted to look at the darn thing.

Had a scare last night- because it always seems like I'm charging it, I plugged it in by the dinner table, with the cord running behind me to the receptacle. One of my daughters, helpful and polite that she is, got up to get me a drink of water, and, you guessed it: she tripped over the cord. Luckily, she wasn't hurt; can't say the same for the Dex charger however. It had an odd looking, sickly, angled position on the wall receptacle. Oh S..., another accident. First I drown the receiver, now I've broken the charger.

I carefully pulled it out of the wall socket, and one of the plug prongs drops to the floor. Groan. Fortunately, I used my pliers to insert the plug prong back into the charger, and it seems to charge the Dex, but now I'm afraid to unplug it from the receptacle.

I wonder how much a replacement charger costs? It's not listed for sale on their web site.

Hmmm, what other DexCom component can I break? There's not much left ...


Val said...

I keep the meter link cable stuffed into the back pocket of the Ultra case, and can just picture the kinks eventually breaking the connection. Those cables aren't on the website either, but I'd be surprised if I never have problems. So I guess that's the next piece you can worry about breaking ; )

How long do you charge for? I look at mine all the time too, and find charges seem to last almost a week when I was told 3 days. I just plug in the charger at bedtime, stuff it under my pillow, and leave it there all night.

My software came on Monday -- and my first download captured all the data back to July 7!!! I was pretty impressed by this, though not so much by the software. Still happier with this one than the pump/CGMS I did the study with - Dex has less bells and whistles but still wins with accuracy in lows. However, if the other guys get more accurate before Dex adds more bells and whistles...Let's just say I will reevaluate all when my first major piece goes out of warrantee and needs replacing -- or when insurance starts paying for this stuff (fingers crossed).

Anonymous said...

6 days longest battery life so far.