Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dexcom takes a lickin' and Doesn't keep on tickin'

Nice way to end Labor Day *NOT*:

My 8 year-old daugther convinced me to jump into the frigid water on
the last day of the pool being open; of course I wasn't planning to
swim, and my trusty Dexcom receiver went in with me.

You guessed it, the Dexcom receiver is toast. I thought about trying to dry it out, but the holes are sealed with epoxy, so there's no way to get at it without drilling through the epoxy and getting the screws out. Would probably have voided the warranty anyway.

Fortunately, DexCom has a one time only replacement policy, so I saved $550 bucks. They're shipped it out yesterday, and it will arrive today. Now that's GOOD customer service!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man! That would have been one heck of an expensive lesson!!

Glad to hear that it's being replaced. Have you felt crippled by lack of readings waiting for the new one to arrive?

GaryK said...

Definitely felt almost naked without the CGMS, Scott. Had to go Labor Day, Tuesday, and now Wednesday without it. It's late, and I just got back from another miserable Red Sox rout, and I don't want to start a new sensor session and then have to wake up in two hours to calibrate the receiver.

So, guess I'll wait 'til the morning, and try and get some interrupted sleep.

Anonymous said...

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Kerri. said...

A busted CGMS and the standard losing streak of my beloved Sox ... I would be pretty fired up too.

Would love to add you to my blogroll over at Six Until Me. Good luck with your blog!

-- Kerri.