Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Ups and Downs of CGMS

What a day for ups and downs! This morning I headed to the gym for my daily workout, pushed it a little harder than normal, but decided to skip the normal temp basal adjustment, since I've been getting by without it for the moderate workouts. Boy, did I pay for that! I've hit below 70 four times today. Fortunately, Dex warned me with the Dex low alarm before my BGs got too out of hand.

Coupled with skipping the temp bolus, I had whole-wheat raisin bran, and a cup of Soy milk, for a total of 50 grams of carbs. Dex showed me that my BGs shot way, way, up, and I over-corrected since I normally need more insulin when I go up into the 300s. I'm really trying hard to minimize those peaks, using delayed boluses and limiting myself to no more than 50 grams of carbs at a sitting, but those high glycemic foods don't want to cooperate. Thinking more and more about Symilin, ... sigh.

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Rick Stockton said...

Maybe switch to a breakfast with more moderate Glycemic Index? Raisin Bran is like one of those North Korean missiles, an out-of-control Rocket flying across your morning bG graph.

Glycemic Index 61, Glycemic Load 12. Switching from Soy milk to no-sugar-added yogurt might also help a lot.