Saturday, September 30, 2006

DexCom Charger Replacement and New Sensors

Got my new charger today after my latest accident with my CGMS gadgetry. It's not listed on the DexCom on-line store, but the charger costs $25, plus $5 for shipping, which is the going rate for these things.

I do try to be careful; my wife accuses me of 'sucking all of the fun out of a room', because I'm constantly pointing out accidents waiting to happen, which I'm sure all of you parents out there can relate to. Most of the time I see the accident before it happens; I just have to hold my tongue of course, since my kids need to learn from their behaviors. Now I need to learn from my behavior and stop plugging things in where people can trip over them.

Anyway, I'm off on a tangent here; I also got my second box of sensors, so to date, with two months of DexCom usage, I'm out of pocket about $350. Oops, make that around $400, if you include shipping.

I'm trying to calculate out-of-pocket expenses for next year so that I can at least re-coup some cost from my medical savings account. Might change if I decide to switch CGMS, we'll see ...

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Sweetme123 said...

do you still have the old charger that goes with the old dexcom? I am looking for one.